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Current Projects

Contractor Address (Job Name)
7-11 #38334 Andalusia 2333 Andalusia Blvd, CC
Sandoval North Gate 2780 SW Pine Island Rd CC
Everglades Farm 9501 SR 82 FM
SOS Facility & Crossfit 326 SW 2nd Ter CC
Applestitch LIB 103 NE 4th Ave CC
7-11 #38335 Pine Island  5431 Pine Island Rd NW
Cast Crete FM  2137 Jacksonville St FM
Coconut Inlet Ph.I  3810 Stringfellow Rd SJC

Job Name Address
Pawtucket Partners 411 NE  2nd Pl CC
Hide-Away Marlympia 6221 Marlympia Way PG
Aldi #25 Cape Coral 1501 SW Pine Island Rd CC
Heartland Dental CC 541 SW Pine Island Rd CC
The Caves 4335 SW 9th Ave CC
South Plaza Box Culvert 4650 S Cleveland Ave FM
Babcock Ph.IA Townhomes 11768 Pine Lily Ln PG
Pineland Charter Office 13851 Waterfront Dr PL
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